Litigation - Family

Family litigation is a necessary part of our culture. Relationships, dating, marriage, children, spousal support, maintenance, divorce, grandparent rights, sibling rights, adoption, child support, and custody battles are a small fraction of what makes up this practice. With the family relationship, for some, comes the eventual break up. Divorces where the parties didn't have children, and the parties agree on the distribution of assets, the divorce can be as simple as filing out a few pieces of paperwork and filing it with the clerk of the court. Any case involving family law issues will be filed in the trial court located near your place of residence. If the parties do not agree on the distribution of assets, and/or if the parties have children and do not agree on a custody arrangement then litigation will be necessary. In that instance, a competent family attorney is necessary. We represent individuals with the following issues involving family law:

  • Maintenance/Spousal Support

  • Child Support

  • Custody & Visitation

  • Dissolution of the Marriage Relationship

  • Divorce

  • Name Change

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Obtaining Divorce Insurance

  • Obtaining Marriage Insurance

The following information may be helpful to you in understanding the family relationship in Texas.

Model Custody/Visitation Order

Child Support Obligation Based on Income



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